I’m Wes Garcia. By day, a Creative Director.
By night, I’m a Speedologist, and Inventor.

I design ecommerce solutions for big brands.
My solutions perform extremely well for my clients.
It makes them happy – which makes me happy.

So unlike me to brag. However, as a wise man once said…
“It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

Wes Garcia. Creative Director

Since the end of the last century, a pixel-precise digital craftsman. As evidenced below, extremely adroit at objectively speaking about himself and his otherwordly skills in the third-person.

Here you will find a concise breakdown of Mr. Garcia’s well-honed skills and abilities.
WARNING: Any similarity with fictitious characters or superheroes is purely coincidental and should never be used for wagering purposes unless winnings are split with Mr. Garcia.

Digital Fixer (A Winston Wolf of The Interwebs)
Hands-On Designer (Has organic pixel-dust to prove it)
Brandologist (Totally made up word, but he uses it anyways)
Client-Facing Diplomat (That design ain't going to sell itself son!)
Evil-Scientist Tendencies (Aside from skull island-lair and hairless Pekingese)

self-portraitJameson West Garcia. Swedish-Mexican. Born 2008. San Francisco, California. Angry Dada. c. 2012. Living Artist. Crayon. Paper. Sharpie. Courtesy the artist’s own personal collection.

Many Hats. One Brain. No Buffering.

I specialize in problem solving that leads to a frictionless user experience. My process involves real conversations with my clients’ customers that lead to common-sense design solutions. I call it soft-data research. It works.


Clients & Brands

Some of the companies I’ve worked with. Coincidentally, all of them are my most favorite client ever.









Operators Are Standing By

Still waiting for that dream gig that pays in gold doubloons.

 (415) Five Three One – Nine Zero Nine Seven

wes (at) wesgarcia dotcom

Northern Californian (Oakland, CA)

Socially Speaking

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